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Hope United In Giving is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on support and recognition of the primary caregivers of traumatically brain injured soldiers currently being treated in VA Polytrauma Centers.
As the primary caregiver, you may be far from home and far from your support system. And you may be away for a while. VA Polytrauma Centers have the best care for your loved one. He/she will have all needs for daily treatment, therapy and personal care. But who do you lean on? Who is there for you? Where do you turn to learn these new terms you are hearing?
“HUG” is here for you! We know what you are experiencing. As a group, we send handmade utilitarian items such as tote bags, sewing kits, caddies, personal items, pampering gifts and our famous tissue packet with a "HUG" logo tissue cover. to help you along your stay. We also send donated personal items such as toothbrushes, combs, soaps, shavers, etc… when available.


  • "BIG HEART" DONOR $1 to $49
  • "BIG HUG" DONOR $50 to $99
  • "BLUE RIBBON" DONOR $100 to $499
  • "GOLD MEDAL" DONOR - $500 or More


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 CPL Systems President and CEO Luke Conner heard about Hope United in Giving earlier this year.  When the time came for CPL to consider charitable contributions, he put HUG on the list.  CPL contributed a significant amount.  This donation alone will allow us to operate in full mode.

Feel free to visit their website to learn about CPL Systems and see what they are doing.  Their website is located at www.cpl-systems.com

 Pictured below is Loretta Theriot, HUG Director of Fundraising and Donations, recieving this generous contribution from Skye Heldenbrand, CPL System's office manager.

In addition to their financial contribution, CPL has also offered to pay for all of our shipping costs using Fed Ex.  We will now have the ability to support and recognize our caregivers on a more regular basis.

Our appreciation for these gifts is truly tremendous!  Our gratitude is enormous!

CPL not only gives to HUG, but also gives to all that live on this planet.  What does this mean?  CPL is a company devoted to alternative fuels, real sustainably through conservation and "green" practices.  Below you can read about CPL and learn what they are doing for all mankind by reducing “OUR” carbon footprint.

This summarizes what CPL has always offered and delivered to industry - sustainable solutions to their energy requirements.

Having over fifty years of experience and an unmatched expertise, CPL has a proven track record with assisting industry in significantly reducing their carbon footprint. All
OUR projects are recognized as Green Energy Projects.

OUR projects include optimizing combustion controls and burner performance, emissions reduction, heat recovery, alternative and bio fuels conversion, and the list goes on.

OUR projects require an innovative and intuitive approach to industry's need for sustainability. CPL works within the parameters set forth by each individual customer and develops, designs, engineers, executes and commissions OUR projects all over North America.

From conservation of energy to renewable fuel conversions, let OUR services increase your sustsainability and the bottom line.

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