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Hope United In Giving is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on support and recognition of the primary caregivers of traumatically brain injured soldiers currently being treated in VA Polytrauma Centers.
As the primary caregiver, you may be far from home and far from your support system. And you may be away for a while. VA Polytrauma Centers have the best care for your loved one. He/she will have all needs for daily treatment, therapy and personal care. But who do you lean on? Who is there for you? Where do you turn to learn these new terms you are hearing?
“HUG” is here for you! We know what you are experiencing. As a group, we send handmade utilitarian items such as tote bags, sewing kits, caddies, personal items, pampering gifts and our famous tissue packet with a "HUG" logo tissue cover. to help you along your stay. We also send donated personal items such as toothbrushes, combs, soaps, shavers, etc… when available.


  • "BIG HEART" DONOR $1 to $49
  • "BIG HUG" DONOR $50 to $99
  • "BLUE RIBBON" DONOR $100 to $499
  • "GOLD MEDAL" DONOR - $500 or More


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It is amazing to see how generous our board members have been!

Loretta Theriot has donated many, many wonderful items for the children of our primary caregivers.  Kids go very often to see their parent that is hospitalized and during the summer they go much more frequently.  If you think about it, the kids are caregivers  too!!  They have to take on more chores, help keep their parent motivated, they can help with physical therapy, feeding, read to them, etc, etc  So I think they should be included just as much as the adults.

Here are a few things she donated:

Following suit, Patricia Spence shipped two large boxes of supplies, gifts and personal items!  We were so excited to see so many things that will allow us to help the caregivers for quite a long time!

Here are just a few things she donated:

Carol Broussard came over while we were making the Floral Stationery Packs and helped us sew them.  When we started looking for pens to include, we didn't have any nice enough to put with the stationery.  Carol immediately went shopping and bought more than enough to insert in each pack.

Additionally, CPL Systems has covered all of our shipping costs!!!

Thank you so much for making it possible for HUG to support our caregivers!  It's sure that they will know someone is there for them through your generosity!

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